Worse is Better

Worse is Better, Many people will find it rather funny.However this philosophy does work. First introduced by Richard P.Gabriel in 1990, this theory occurs at all levels of scale.

In common sense :

  • First-to-Market Wins
  • The best technology Wins
  • The most innovative Wins

But in real world you may find the completist can’t bring home the bacon. Based on the worse is better theory , Gabriel created a model to transform technology into successful products. Some main point in this model is :

  • Don’t choose the most cutting edge technology,maybe 1o years out of the lab
  • Choose a technology that appeals to the needs of market
  • The design should have simplicity, minimal completeness,minimal correctness
  • The implementation should be small,fast,interoperated with existing product and bug-free

You can get more detailed informations in the page , and enjoy Gabriel’s sense of humor through all his


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